It Looks Like Future's List of Baby Mamas is Growing!

You know that Future has that super sperm! He just keeps on popping out babies and it looks like that list is getting even longer. According to Haitian model Eliza Reign, she is pregnant with Future's baby. Now, Future hasn't actually confirmed this, but if it is true then this will be baby #6 for him. It would also mean that she and Future's other recent baby mama, Joie Chavis, were expecting at the same time.

According to Eliza, Future extremely upset that she put their business out there. She claimed, in a now deleted post, that she has been sexually involved with him for years, having unprotected sex. He offered to pay for the abortion, but she declined after her doctor talked her out of it.

She also claims that her life was threatened and hit was put out on her, which is why she revealed even more protect herself. First off, do you think that this is even Future's baby? And second, would Future actually go as far as to put out on her?

Check out the pics below of the very pregnant Eliza Reign.

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